Extended Range Electric 7.5 – 14 Tonne Trucks

We call them “the World’s Greenest Trucks”.
Tevva’s  range extender technology means our trucks ALWAYS maximise their battery use and therefore do more zero emission miles than any other comparable truck.

Long Zero Emission Range

The motor is powered by a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack that charges from mains electricity in approximately three hours to give 100miles (160km) range.

On-Board Generator (Range Extender)

The battery pack can also be charged on the move, if needed, via an on-board generator that’s driven by a small capacity internal combustion engine.

New Vehicle or Re-Powered Vehicle

The technology can be fitted to a chassis on the production line during the build process, or to an existing chassis as a re-power package

The Tevva Solution

Our solution offers a lower total cost of ownership than a diesel vehicle for fleet managers, whilst giving 100 zero emission miles per day – sufficient to meet the requirements of the highest air quality standards coming into force in cities.

Tevva’s range extender means that the vehicle will never run out of range – overcoming the barriers typically associated with electric commercial vehicle adoption.

Who We Are

Headed by CEO and Founder, Asher Bennett, Tevva comprises a team of experienced automotive and electric vehicle (EV) specialists, with a proven track record of commercialising automotive, EV and battery technologies.

Electric Range Extended Vehicles (EREV’s)

Tevva produces EREVs (Electric Range Extended Vehicles) in the 7.5 -14 tonne weight category.  This innovative solution is applicable to both new builds and the re-power of older vehicles.  These vehicles actively and autonomously manage the use of the range extender by utilising our ground breaking, patented, Predictive Range Extender Management System (PREMS).

This unique software predicts a day’s total energy requirements to optimise the performance of the vehicle and to maximise the distance powered by Grid electricity.  This reduces urban road network emissions, for some users by up to 100%  and delivers a strategic road network emissions reduction of NOx, CO2, THC gases and particulates of up to 95%.

Overcoming Barriers to Adoption

Tevva overcomes the barriers to electric truck adoption with the EREV solution, and our technology will become a platform and magnet for other power storage and generation technology moving forwards.

Back to Base Solution

The key philosophy of the Tevva Solution is the ability of our Trucks always to get back to base.  A Tevva truck will not let you down and can wholly replace a standard polluting diesel truck.  In additional to this the Tevva solution can deliver up to a 23% saving in lifetime cost of ownership in comparison to a normal diesel truck on the same type of back to base delivery route.