Biden’s EV Game Changer

7 April 2021: Last week, President Joe Biden proposed the most sweeping effort in history to promote transformative, wide-scale adoption of electric vehicles on American roads. Included in his $3 trillion infrastructure proposal is $174 billion in consumer incentives and development funding for vehicle charging stations.

In so doing, Biden removes two of the three remaining obstacles to the EV “tipping point”: price and lack of charging infrastructure. His plan would raise federal cash incentives for purchase of EVs from $2400 to $7500. And his proposal would increase the amount of charging stations from the current 41,000 to 500,000.

The last obstacle — range of electric vehicles, which presents a physical as well as a psychological barrier to mass adoption — is being addressed through private innovation. At Tevva, we have harnessed revolutionary range extension technology to help lead the global drive to zero-emissions freight. As an electric freight company, we applaud the Biden administration’s personal vehicle incentives, but we also recognize the greater impact large trucks can make on overall emissions goals. For instance, replacing one diesel car for an electric car on the road will save around two tonnes of CO2 per year; but if you replace a 12T diesel truck with an electric truck, you’ll save approximately twenty tonnes of CO2 per year.

Using an innovative adaptation of submarine technology, Tevva trucks deliver a true all-purpose electric commercial vehicle able to do the same work as a diesel, but much more sustainably. Thanks to our revolutionary range extension technology, each Tevva eTruck reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 20 tons per annum and provides total peace of mind to customers, such as UPS.

The future of freight transport-a major contributor to greenhouse gases — lies in alternative fuel solutions. We are elated by the U.S. commitment to electric vehicles, and we are confident that our zero-emission trucks will be part of the long-term solution.