It’s time to shift into a higher gear in the climate change fight

COP26 will no doubt see a doubling down by countries and corporations faced by the stark reality that we, as a species, are not on track to cut emissions.

Glasgow’s event, like the numerous conferences that have gone before, including the ambitious targets set by the Paris Agreement, will surely bring forward even more ambitious plans and resolutions.

But talk is cheap. It’s been said many times before, but there now really is no time to waste. In the UK, transport, including freight, has become the biggest source of air and noise pollution. That’s why Tevva’s focus has always been to use the latest technology to face down the bleak challenge posed by climate change.

We do technology because it matters to humanity

By 2023, Tevva will be building 3,000 electric trucks per year, drawing on decades of proven engineering, design and manufacturing methods. The technology is ready to go, but it appears that many law-makers are not. Many speak of taking action but so many seem to be stuck in the slow lane.

Cities, choked by the millions of tonnes of carbon pouring into the atmosphere from fossil fuel freight every year, will begin to breathe a little easier when trucks like ours become commonplace in urban areas.

Our roll out will, of course, make only a moderate dent in the problem. The job at hand is huge. With this in mind, governments must do more to help.

The proposed UK ban on sales of new diesel and petrol commercial vehicles by 2040, like government plans throughout the world, is a positive move. But bringing this deadline forward would have an even bigger impact on carbon reduction.

So too will the recent pledge to extend grants and infrastructure for new electric vehicles. But details of the reported £620million that’s been promised, including what it will mean for freight and logistics (the industries Tevva is targeting), remain sketchy ahead of COP26.

We also need to hear more on plans to develop green hydrogen. Our range-extended trucks use an innovative combination of electric and hydrogen technologies to provide an entirely realistic answer to the range anxiety question for commercial EVs.

There is no doubt that society sees such technological progress as positive and that there is almost universal agreement on the need to benefit humanity with ‘greener’ jobs, less pollution and cleaner, quieter streets.

Tevva is lighting the way – in terms of being an innovator or “solution finder” for cleaner technologies. Being the enabler of positive change is part of our proposition and we are committed to supporting our broad stakeholder network of customers, suppliers, partners and local communities as they forge their own path towards a greener future.

COP26 is just days away and we urge all those in power, as well as our industry partners, to keep in mind that utilising a range of renewable fuels (including green hydrogen) will create a more sustainable foundation for commercial vehicles.

Tevva has the technology and expertise to help build this foundation. We want to work more closely with the British government to make our collective future healthier, safer and more sustainable. Time’s up for talking and bold promises, let’s now shift into a higher gear – for everyone’s sake.

Asher Bennett is Founder and CEO of Tevva

Notes to editors:

About Tevva

Tevva is an electric truck company with a spectrum of options for zero-emission medium to heavy-duty trucks.  Our revolutionary hydrogen fuel-cell range extension technology allows our vehicles to do all the work of a diesel, with total peace of mind about cost, range and environmental impact. Tevva is leading the drive to zero-emissions freight and urban logistics. We have vehicles on the road already, getting the job done, and are focused on optimising green hydrogen solutions as part of our proposition.