Tevva Leasing – The Affordable Way to Run Your Electric Truck Fleet

Your zero emission electric truck is available on a Full Repair and Maintenance Operating Lease (as well as via a straight cash purchase).

Low Running Costs

Compared to a polluting diesel vehicle, the premium on the monthly leasing cost of a Tevva EREV is significantly less than monthly fuel savings.

Full Repair and Maintenance

Furthermore, the Full Repair and Maintenance Operating Lease means that as an operator, any uncertainties you may have had regarding maintenance costs and residual values are completely eliminated.

Zero emission vehicles

Now you can make the switch to zero emission vehicles with zero financial risk, zero operating risk and an immediate positive impact on your business’ cash flow.

Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions

Tevva has teamed up with Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions to make this option available and it transforms the business proposition for fleet operators. Tevva’s EREV solution has always offered lower total cost of ownership over the whole life of the vehicle but the operating lease option means that your net operating cost is lower from the very first month of operation.