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MP learns how Tevva is changing the future of freight

A POLITICIAN with a passion for engineering says the future for electric trucks and technology company Tevva is bright.

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Stephen Metcalfe, MP for South Basildon and East Thurrock, was visiting Tevva’s new manufacturing base in Thurrock last week where he marvelled at the company’s plans to tackle climate change by putting zero-emission trucks on British roads.

The visit, arranged by Tevva’s Client Account Manager David Morgan, gave the MP a chance to see how Tevva will soon begin series production of electric trucks at the site in London Distribution Park. Tevva will produce more than 200 Electric trucks this year and more than two thousand in 2023.

The MP said: “Tevva’s UK manufacturing base in Tilbury is fantastic and is a real boost for the local economy where up to 1,000 jobs will be created over the next few years. The company’s plans link perfectly to the government’s vision for UK growth in our Build Back Better plan.

“I was impressed by Tevva’s ambition and obvious determination to make electric commercial vehicles an everyday thing. I was also encouraged by the number of young engineers that Tevva is taking on, especially as I’m so passionate about that industry. They have the expertise and now they have the facility to grow their plans, the future certainly looks bright for Tevva.”

Stephen was the Government’s engineering envoy in 2018, during the Year of Engineering. He has also championed the science and technology sectors during his 12 years as a Member of Parliament.

Tevva COO Peter Domeney said it was a pleasure to meet Stephen Metcalfe, especially as the MP showed so much interest in both the technology and the impact we will have in the local area particularly around manufacturing jobs and career progression for young engineers.

“The interest in what we are doing at Tevva is growing and growing”, Peter said. “We’ve welcomed many visitors to Tevva London since we started setting up our production facility and I think it’s fair to say that Stephen was keen to find out more.

“He was particularly interested to learn how we are constantly adding to our engineering expertise by hiring the best and the brightest.

“Tevva is about changing the future now, we are building electric trucks because it makes a difference and matters to humanity. That is our abiding mission. We are adding so many young engineers to our numbers because they know it matters too. We are proud to be investing in them and their future.



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