Peter Domeney, Chief Operating Officer, on Defining Tevva’s Purpose and Vision. #WhyTevva

15 July 2021: We recently spent time with Peter Domeney, Tevva’s Chief Operating Officer, to discuss his career journey, #WhyTevva, and his vision for defining Tevva’s purpose and long-term aspirations.

Peter Domeney, Tevva COO
Peter Domeney, COO Tevva Hydrogen Electric Trucks

Like many of his colleagues, Peter has dedicated his career to the automotive industry, and has recently celebrated his 36th year in the industry; starting as an apprentice, then progressing to various engineering and managerial roles in operations, and business development teams of household names like Ford and Jaguar Land Rover, where he was involved in the development and launch of new vehicles and powertrain systems, as well as aftermarket customer experience and strategy.

He describes the opportunity to join Tevva as so compelling, that in the end it was something that was almost impossible to say no to.

“Many things that we have to do at Tevva are a part of my passions, and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Peter is keen to bring to the fore the original intent of Tevva’s founder — we are experts in technology because it matters, because it makes a difference to humanity, and it has a massive sense of purpose. This he feels underpins everything we are doing at Tevva. Tevva in Hebrew means nature — and afterall isn’t that what we are all trying to protect for future generations?

Peter clearly articulates his ambition for Tevva as not simply a cleantech business, but as importantly, a people business. Tevva’s organisational health for him is as key to achieving an incredible business, as it is to driving the product forward. It is Tevva’s people that make the difference. Investment is an essential part at our stage of growth and enables us to find and develop the right people.

When asked about recent investment in Tevva, Peter is clear on his view that investment builds confidence in the business so that we can fully demonstrate our potential — which enables us to go on and attract more great talent, with the right behaviours, skills and capabilities.

Regarding the tumultuous year the world endured in the wake of a global pandemic, Peter highlights Tevva’s resiliency and ability to maintain operations despite the turmoil.

“Tevva is a courageous, authentic company. We survived and secured all of our people throughout the last year, and they have all stayed through this challenging and uncertain period; some of the things it has already achieved and is planning are evidence of this.”

Peter credits this tenacity to the alignment of the team on Tevva’s values. As Tevva grows, Peter understands it’s important to take time now as a leadership team to define Tevva’s long-term vision and aspirations, but just as important is to work on the here and now. Peter is unifying the leadership team behind Tevva’s values and purpose.

“We are starting to define these values that are going to underpin Tevva and how it operates. We will then have real clarity and an aligned clear purpose working towards the same true north, we will have grown significantly, will have great people that have grown up with Tevva, others newer, bringing their ideas and thoughts, we will be in our incredible new home, and the first products will be coming off production lines, delivering zero emission miles in customer’s fleets.”

We are incredibly excited to bring our vision to the world and are confident that, driven by this passionate leadership and stable foundation, Tevva will make clear and tangible impacts on our industry and planet.