Tevva partners with Ecobat for first-life battery management

Quality Policy

We aim to proactively manage our quality by working to our values using our organisation systems and processes to help fulfil our ambition of being global innovators acknowledged for moving the world towards a better way of transporting everything for everyone.    

We believe in continually improving these management systems and related processes by periodic reviews and ensuring that Team Tevva are adequately trained, informed, and motivated. 

We commit to: 

  1. Develop, implement, and maintain the Tevva Quality Management System with supporting quality objectives to assure the quality of our products and services. 

  2. Deploy adequate resources and training to develop, implement, maintain, and achieve the company’s Quality Objectives .

  3. Audit, assess and continually improve the Quality management system.  

  4. Enhance customer satisfaction from the perspective of safe, reliable, and durable product. 

  5. Learn from performance metrics, audits, issues, customer feedback and industry best practices with an intent to improve our management systems. 

  6. Communicate to Team Tevva, our customers, partners, suppliers, and investors our commitment and information related to QMS. 

  7. Provide leadership and direction to Team Tevva, and opportunity to contribute to best practice and improvement. 

  8. Periodically review this policy for its continued suitability and applicability. 

Ken Scott, MD