So long 2021…Tevva is just getting started

In 2022, we will forge ahead with plans to put cleaner trucks, that get the job done, on the road in huge numbers.

As we bid farewell to 2021, it’s a good time to reflect on a year that has brought with it many challenges but also much hope and success that we, at Tevva, are determined to build on.

We have grown rapidly these past 12 months, in terms of number, prominence and ambition.

Signs of the success to come

At the start of the year, we identified a suitable location for our plans to bring the first British-built electric truck to market.

By February, a funding round was over-subscribed and we saw a private raise of almost $13m. By the end of 2021, we had raised more than $70m – an awesome achievement that only hints at the success to come.

As we moved into spring, Team Tevva numbers began to increase dramatically. We were bringing in new talent that would help us realise our goals. Around this time, we also took the decision to switch our Range Extender (REX) technology to work with a hydrogen fuel cell.

By the middle of 2021, we revealed our new logo and appointed big hitters Jean-Marc Gales and Laura Brown to our Board.

Summer was the first time since the pandemic started that the new team were all under one roof. It was an exciting time for everyone at Tevva and our numbers continue to grow. By this time, we also had a number of Fuel Cell REX trucks running in evaluation testing.

That testing was just a few months after the decision to switch to hydrogen fuel cell for our range extender. We moved quickly and decisively.

In September, our first Tevva Family Day was a roaring success and we unveiled our 7.5-tonne BEV at Freight in the City. The following month we spoke about our technology at COP26.

We attracted much media attention around this time, appearing on national TV and featuring in media outlets all over the world. Some described our BEV as a “futuristic Terminator truck”. A slight exaggeration perhaps, but they got one thing right – Tevva is the future of freight.

Fast forward to November and we’ve left our modest home in Hanbury, Essex, to settle in our new UK base: Tevva London.

And this past month, Tevva vehicles passed the 400,000km mark in distance travelled.

A year of milestones and Team Tevva ingenuity

So, it’s been a year of hard work, milestones, celebration and incredible growth that’s thanks to the ingenuity and skill of our ever-growing team.

We mark the end of 2021 with awards for Team Tevva members who personify our company values. Those winners were: Inspire (Jake Wellington), Courage (Mark Newman), Reliability (Katie Cooper), Enjoy (Sara Ramirez), Authenticity (Charlie Cordell), Tenacity (Ryan Hunnikin) and Empathy (Michelle Parsons). My deepest thanks and congratulations to the winners.

Heading into 2022, we know that there will be more of the above. And, although we are still in this pandemic, we will forge ahead with our vitally important mission – to put clean trucks, that get the job done, on the road in huge numbers.

I’d like to wish you all a safe, happy and very merry festive season and a prosperous New Year.

Asher Bennett is Founder and CEO of Tevva

Notes to editors:

About Tevva

Tevva is an electric truck company with a spectrum of options for zero-emission medium to heavy-duty trucks.  Our revolutionary hydrogen fuel-cell range extension technology allows our vehicles to do all the work of a diesel, with total peace of mind about cost, range and environmental impact. Tevva is leading the drive to zero-emissions freight and urban logistics. We have vehicles on the road already, getting the job done, and are focused on optimising green hydrogen solutions as part of our proposition.